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It is not easy for one to watch their loved being detained because of their immigration status. It is important t note that all countries have rules and regulations governing immigration, and what leads to arrests is the failure to follow the rules. Being arrested is not the end for your loved one since there are steps you can take to secure their release. Immigration bonds come into play when individuals are arrested for failure to comply with a country’s immigration laws. An immigration bond is important because it secures the freedom of immigration detainees up to when their cases are decided upon. When you get arrested by customs and immigration officers, you can be released in either of two ways; one, on the basis of personal recognizance and two on payment of the bond that is set by the officials. This article seeks to delve deeper into immigration bonds.

There are two classifications of immigration bods. Both types of immigration bonds are made available to people who do not pose a security threat to the country in which they are detained. The two types of immigration bonds are; voluntary departure bond and delivery bond.

Voluntary departure bonds allow illegal immigrants to voluntarily leave a country, with all costs of doing so being incurred by them. The relevant customs and immigration body will then check to see if you have indeed left the country, and only repay the bond if you have. You will lose your bond if you do not leave at the agreed-upon time.

If you want an immigration judge to recommend release on bail, then you need a delivery bond. To qualify for a delivery bond, an illegal immigrant must receive an arrest warrant as well as a notice of custody conditions from the body governing customs and immigration. This type of bond is issued so it can guarantee one appears in all their court hearings. These bonds give illegal immigrants a semblance of freedom since they await their hearings at home rather than in jail cells.

Both immigration judges and customs officials have the power to determine the cost of an individual’s immigration bond. Some of the factors considered when determining the cost of immigration bonds are family ties, criminal history, and employment status. Immigration judges reserve the right to increase the cost of immigration bonds if one attempts to run away before their court hearing. You can pay for an immigration bond either with a cash bond or a surety bond. You can get a surety bond if you cannot come up with the money to pay for the immigration bond o your own.

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