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A Step-By-Step Guide to Developing Behavior Intervention Plans

When a child gets into trouble while in the school, it seems a common things. However, if the child acts over and over again, it becomes a challenge for them to learn in school. To ensure that children conduct themselves they may put in a formal plan. The institution may consider a behavior intervention plan to stop any inappropriate behavior among the children. The formal plan will find another alternative behavior which will replace the inappropriate one.

When creating the BIP, the things that trigger the negative behaviors is identified. The entire process is executed by various members in the school. While conducting the interview, both the students, teachers, and other officials shall be included. The people who will be involved in the analysis will collect data from the observation and combine with additional information such as grades and tests of the children. Other things are put into consideration during the analysis. The behavior assessment team may outsource its support from online sites like Insights To Behavior; the benefit of these is that they will assist the company in creating and implementing effective behavior among the students.

The first step when coming up with the behavior intervention plan is the identification of the problem behavior. The assessment team will do the functional behavior analysis. Teacher are the people who will help in identifying the behavior that adversely affects the child’s progress. To ensure that the team complete the functional behavior analysis, the teachers are required to describe in the undesirable behavior operationally.

The functional behavior analysis is then prepared after the team has completed the analysis. The FDA will identify the target behavior and the antecedent conditions. In the plan, another thing that will be included in the consequences of the behavior. It is the examination of the consequences that will help in selecting the replacement behavior. Immediately the analysis is done, the next step is the preparation of the BIP document. There are multiple things that will be included in the document. In the document some of the things that will be included are target behavior, data from assessment, method of intervention, frequency of evaluation, and intervention goals.

Lastly, the BIP document will then be approved by the individualized education program team. A psychologist, parent representative, special education supervisor, head of the school, and the general teacher are among the people who shall be involved in the approval of the BIP document. To ensure that nobody is surprised during the implementation, it is necessary to make sure that every member of the IEP is involved in the step from the begging. Implementation is the next step after the approval.

for effective implementation of the BIP, consistency is necessary. It is vital to note that positive behavior is reinforced in the BIP. To ensure consistency, it is essential to review the intervention plan with every person involved in every child’s life.

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